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Welcome to K K Hospitals . .

The only hospital devoted to the management of all types of urological disorders under one roof. The hospital has state of the art world class facilities under the supervision of eminent urologists.

In 2007 Kishore Kidney and Laparoscopic Centre was established in Vijayawada with a humble beginning was made in this region to cater to the medical needs of the people. Their tireless efforts and selfless service received overwhelming encouragement and was well appreciated. This resulted into KK Hospitals.

Our aim is to offer the highest standards of Urological treatments for our patients suffering from Kidney stones, Ureteric stone, Bladder stone, Enlargement of Prostate, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer amongst other Urinary Disease.

Our Values

  • Patient’s well-being: It will be our topmost priority.
  • Adopt and encourage ethical practices
  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment to employees and associates
  • Embrace technology and innovation in the delivery of healthcare
  • Provide socially responsible and safe healthcare


KK hospitals have a vision of creating and ideal integrated health care delivery system involving the finest medical skills associated with compassionate patient-care. The ultimate aim is to deliver the highest quality of health care through state-of-art facilities in the Hospital.


Consistent with the motto of continuous improvements, we have expanded the range and scope of personalized services by way of extensive renovations and by incorporationing the latest techniques and technologies in our professional approach.